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Boyds Training programme moves to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM)

Boyds Training programme moves to the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM)
February 9, 2021 SueCarr

Boyds Training (and formerly Baxter Boyd) has delivered a modular training programme designed to train and prepare candidates for the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine for a number of years.

Last year the course moved online and was hosted jointly with the FPM due to the pandemic, and Professor Boyd has now decided to transfer the entire training programme to the FPM from 2021.

Prof Alan Boyd

Commenting. Professor Boyd said: “We have built up a very successful programme to support pharmaceutical physicians with their preparation and learning for the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine exams. Last year’s success working and collaborating with the FPM to deliver this has resulted in my decision to move the entire training programme over to them to host and deliver moving forward. It makes good sense for this educational programme to be part of the FPM’s offering to members, and it is a pleasure to hand this over to them. The course is ‘ready-made’ and easy for them to roll out. I will still be involved this year as the Lead Trainer, and shall give my time to deliver the various modules along with some of  my colleagues who are expert in particular aspects of pharmaceutical medicine.”


About the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine 

Gaining aDiploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine (DPM) is a defining moment in the career of any pharmaceutical physician. It affirms their knowledge and expertise in our specialty and their commitment to enhancing the health of society.  

Modules and dates:
  • Drug Safety11-12 March 2021 
  • Non-clinical Testing & Clinical Pharmacology15-16 April 2021 
  • Medicines Regulation13-14 May 2021 
  • Statistics & Data Management  17-18 June 2021 
  • Clinical Development  8-9 July 2021 
  • Healthcare Marketplace 5-6 August 2021 
  • MCQ Exam Technique & Mock ExamTBC, Autumn 2021 
  • SAQ Exam TechniqueTBC, Autumn 2021 
  • Critical Appraisal Exam Technique & Mock ExamTBC, Autumn 2021 


To find out more, visit the Boyds Training page, or head to the FPM website.