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Record Success Rate for Boyds Training

Record Success Rate for Boyds Training
January 30, 2020 SueCarr

Following the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine’s recent publication of the 2019 Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine results, Boyds Training is delighted to confirm that 24 of the 32 people that passed the exams had attended all or some of the Boyds Training Programme.

Professor Alan Boyd, course leader, commented: “Preparing and taking the exam itself takes a lot of time as the syllabus and the course work is very intensive. Boyds Training is designed to help better prepare candidates for the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine exam. In 2019 we supported 24 individuals who have gone on to pass and may now be eligible to apply for full membership of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine.”

Boyds Training offers a bespoke and modular training programme that is designed exclusively to teach the syllabus of Pharmaceutical Medicine and is dedicated to preparing candidates to sit both part one and part two of the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine exam. However, the course is also suitable for people working in clinical development and medical affairs who just want to increase their knowledge about Pharmaceutical Medicine, whether medically qualified or not.

For the coming year, the first module of the training programme covering Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance is taking place on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd February at the Bull Hotel in Gerrard’s Cross, Buckinghamshire. So if you would like to attend the programme or know someone who might benefit from attending then please contact us at or call us on  +44 (0)1270 270010.

The modules run throughout the calendar year, with mock exams in the early Autumn to match the exam schedule. To find out more about the 2020 programme, click here.