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Second Frank Wells Memorial Lecture

Second Frank Wells Memorial Lecture
January 11, 2021 SueCarr

Professor Alan Boyd spoke at the second Frank Wells Memorial Lecture which took place this evening (11 January 2021), which was organised by the British Medical Association.

Frank Wells studied medicine at University College London Medical School, and worked for several years as a General Practitioner. Subsequently, as Medical Director of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry he was responsible for the British National Formulary and for developing the UK’s robust approach to the clinical trial system. He was a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and of the Royal College of Physicians, and Life Fellow of the British Medical Association. He founded Medico-Legal Investigation where he developed his skills as a fraudbuster.  After “retirement” he continued to pursue his interest in Research Ethics as Vice Chair of the NRES Cambridge South Research Ethics Committee, and as Lead Advisor to the Health Research Authority on Integrity, Fraud and Misconduct. He died on 6 July, and is survived by his two daughters and their children.

A full obituary for Frank has been published by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and can be accessed here

Alan, who is the immediate past president of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, talked about:

Dr Frank Wells: Making an impact on industry and clinical research

The lecture has been recorded and we will share a link as soon as it is available.